Igniting our New Year in 2019 with a BANG!

Welcome to 2019!

On the 13th and 14th of January, we have organised our 2019 Kick-Off Conference: IGNITE at Cyberview Resort & Spa along with our Award Gala Dinner to appreciate and inspire our team to ignite the passion within them.

The day began with a professional corporate photo session with our management, advisers & staffs.

Followed closely by our Award Gala Dinner, in which we have invited over all of our prestige business partners and advisers to gather round and celebrate the successes of the company and individuals alike. The occasion started off with an opening speech by our Executive Director, Managing Director and Principal Officer, namely, Mr Idi Irwan, Mr Billy Hii and Mr Kenny Suen.

They expressed their appreciation and gratitude to all that were present and reminded us this is not the end of a year but a beginning of a whole new chapter ahead of us. The session quickly followed up with the presentation of a token of appreciation to our prestige business partners.

We are proud to stand in line with these people and are looking forward to be working closely with all of them for the years to come!

Next, was a short montage of 2018 and a special announcement by Mr Billy, that brought him to tears as he was reminiscing how the company started back in 2014, as well as the unveiling of this year's adviser's convention.

Looking through the lens of the past, the company has indeed grown tremendously, especially when this progresses are further enhance with all the awards that we achieved as we move onto the new year. Speaking of awards, next, on behalf of the Bill Morrisons International Limited, Mr Kenny Suen received the TOP PRODUCER AWARD (ASEAN REGION) by Investors Trust Assurance.

On the individual level, we are also proud to announce that one of our advisers, Joanne Chu, has also secured herself the ASEAN HIGHEST PRODUCER (TOTAL APE INTRODUCER CATEGORY) award by Investors Trust Assurance.

Aside from that, our advisers have also secured the top three spots for the TOP NCC PRODUCTION (LOCAL MALAYSIA) by Hansard International! They are Richard Hung, Marcus Tay and Tracy Chia.

Certainly not to forget are the series of award presentation by Bill Morrisons Group to our top advisers. Congratulations once more to the winners!

That concludes for the first day!

The event on the second day starts with a heart warming breakfast at Verandah Restaurant of Cyberview Resort & Spa! The variety of food served and their exquisite taste was certainly spot on!

Next up, we had Mr Idi Irwan once again getting everyone into the right mood and atmosphere before handing off the session to Mr Kenny Suen to share about our achievements in the past and our vision moving forward.

Following closely behind is our Market Outlook session titled, The Path to Resilience in Bears and Tribulation, moderated by Mr Kenny Suen along with panelist members, Mr Sho Toh from BH Global Advisers, Mr David Jong from Franklin Templeton Investments, Mr Ivan Tey from RHB Asset Management and last but not least, Mr Edwin Lee from UOB Asset Management.

Aside from that, we have also aligned four other talk sessions by Investors Trust Assurance, Phillip Capital, iFAST Capital and RHB Trustees to further refine and enhance our adviser's knowledge on the latest offerings by our partners as well as how it could assist our clients to better position themselves financially.

Certainly, it was a marathon of sessions happening back to back, but not to forget are of course the mouth watery meals that were served at Verandah Restaurant!

The last session for the day was a breakout session with our various insurance partners, featuring Allianz Life Insurance, AXA Affin General Insurance, Gibraltar Life BSN and Manulife Insurance Labuan.

And that concludes our Kick-Off Conference for 2019. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our business partner, our guests and our advisers for forking out precious time to attend on Kick-Off Conference. Thank you once more for making this a memorable moment and we look forward to see you again next year!

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