Welcome to the second half of 2018!

We just had our mid year event titled 'TRANSCEND 2.0: REIGNITE' at Potpourri Ara Damansara. The response from our advisers and partners were superb. Our team flooded the venue with our presence and we had programmes aligned all day long.

Starting things off, we had our Executive Director of Bill Morrisons Group, Mr Idi Irwan reigniting our team with his welcoming speech.

Followed with a series of talks by our business partners (Manulife, iFast and Etiqa) that covered on the Market Opportunities in China and India, Bond Markets and Wealth Protection.

Shortly after lunch, we had a breakout session, where our team were divided into smaller groups to have a more intimate sessions with our business partners. The sessions were facilitated by Investors Trust Assurance, Hansard International, Manulife and Phillip Capital.

Last but not least, we have invited over the power speaker, Mr David Goh of Ammodago International to inspire and reignite our team, as well as instilling the spirit of a power speaker within everyone of us. It was certainly a fruitful session. He had reminded us that each and everyone of us had the power to control, command and continue pursuing our dreams.

The series of events finally came to a close at 6.30pm that day. We would like to also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our business partners and Ammodago International for gracing the event with your presence and empowering our advisers even further on that day. We look forward in seeing our team reignited and ready to take on the second half of 2018.

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