Who We Are

Bill Morrisons has over 90 years of combined experiences in Investments and Insurance sector and is fully licensed and regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 bearing the license number BS2014104.

The unrelenting increase in living costs and the high financial expectations of individuals living in Malaysia (suggest “rising awareness of the importance of proper financial planning”) have spurred demand such services to help individuals mange their wealth effectively to meet future needs. Bill Morrisons directly addresses this demand by helping our clients diversify their investment through robust and intricately designed portfolios that can withstand the vagaries of ever-changing economic conditions.

Why Choose Us

Our Journey

Embarking into a journey to a better future requires a lot of sacrifices and planning. At Bill Morrisons we have got the tools to complement your plans and to help you to achieve your financial objectives. You can be assured that the road less travelled does not necessarily mean it is too risky. We will help you to navigate and manage your portfolio especially during turbulence time.

Our Global Access

International investment is gaining popularity especially among the larger choice of Malaysian portfolios. The privacy and confidentiality that International Financial Centres offers provides an important factor to many investors. We have access to a large universe of global funds managed by leading offshore Asset Management and Insurance companies.

Our Portfolio Philosophy

The strategies that we have built into the portfolio is based on detailed analysis of the investment class and funds. Our number one priority is to protect your wealth and accumulate them based on your risk appetite. We have been working closely with BH Global who forms part of our Investment Committee in making decisions on your investment portfolio. You can be assured that the investment strategy which is in place is robust and actively monitored. Which makes us nimble and responsive.


In Bill Morrisons, we pride ourselves with our advisors and our clients because they are our no.1 supporters. We spend great amount of effort looking after the portfolio and training our advisors for professional dealings. We always let our numbers do the talking. At Bill Morrisons, our clients are the epicenter of our universe and our advisors are the pillars of this Company

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